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I rarely read a newsletter to the end. This was an excellent read, thank you!

Melanie Goodman


Incidentally, I liked your writing style. It’s got some punch to it with an undercurrent of cantankerousness. I hope that’s not offensive?! ????

John Hibbs


That was spectacular. Will this content be on your website? It really is great stuff.


I liked this. Very nice read. Informative. Optimistic.


Thank you Quentin. I greatly enjoyed this, so refreshing.


Your newsletter was really good! Loved the descriptions at the beginning. It had a really nice natural, personal style.


Really like the writing style in this mail. I found myself at the end of a reasonably long email without having thought “how much more of this is there?”. Reads really well and there’s plenty of hooks to investigate further.


As always, lots to conjure with. I especially related to the “Earth versus economy” section. I have forwarded to my daughter who is a big advocate of the circular economy.


Thanks Q. Good read while on holiday. Very interesting and thought provoking article.

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