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Our no-nonsense products yield results within weeks, give fresh insights into leadership, culture, and evolution, and reveal new ways to create value.


Slide Fitness Index

Workplace Fitness Index

Online employee survey that tells you what is helping, and what is hindering, performance and change.

Slide Culture Champion

Culture Champion 360

Our Culture Champion 360 tells leaders of change what they are doing well and how they might be more effective.

Core Strengths SDI tool

Strengths Inventory

The Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) reveals motives and strengths, and gives insight into relationships between individuals and within teams.

Slide Stakeholder Confidential

Stakeholder Confidential

For an executive or senior manager, we collect from colleagues and other stakeholders verbal feedback on performance, then we write an account with our recommendations.

Action learning

Jigsaw machine

Executive Coaching

Our coaching enables executives and senior managers to achieve distinction in their careers and create fresh value for their colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders.

Dialogue in paper

Dialogue Boost

Our Dialogue Boost draws on mentoring, peer coaching, and team facilitation, uniting people across silos to explore relevant questions of culture and evolution.

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